WordPress security audit

I’m offering a 1 hour WordPress security audit for bloggers and small businesses in Guildford, Farnham, Godalming and Petersfield.

wordpress security audit


Who’s looking over your shoulder

wordpress security auditAs a WordPress designer, I frequently see WordPress websites which have been deployed without considering the risks. Websites are simply left without the most basic of security measures. I see websites which have been left to run without updates… and sometimes with no child theme.

Business owners around Guildford simply don’t have the time or don’t realise the risks of keeping a poorly maintained WordPress site. Websites are often bought where cost and design was the priority.. security is often an after thought.

All of these issues are easy addressed and needn’t take much time.

Why do I need a WordPress security audit and why do hackers break into websites?

Some of the reasons are:

They want to use your site to send out spam email.

They want to steal your data. Eg: mailing list, credit card information, etc.

They want to gain access to your site to distribute malicious software or send denial of service attacks.


wordpress security auditYour website is your livelihood. It’s essential that it’s secure. I can provide a 1-hour WordPress security audit on your website to check your security.

The aim is to give you this invaluable information and protect your interests from external threats. This is a fairly unique service. My WordPress security audit gives you the peace of mind and is better alternative to your site being down and your information stolen.

Call now …07513242671 to book my WordPress security audit.

It only costs £25 which is a small price to pay for security and peace of mind. PLUS …I can also help you resolved all the security issues I find.