Apple IOS 9.3 Update – Sweet dreams

Apple has issued another update to its IOS operating system. IOS 9.3's most prominent feature is "Night shift mode." IOS 9.3Many studies have been carried out to find why, blue light at night can affect sleep. Now there is a link between bedtime reading on a smartphone and disrupted sleep. In the evening, the display will introduce warmer tones to help you sleep better.  The display is reset back to normal when you wake in the morning.

2016-03-21 22-16-195Notes also gets an upgrade. Your personal information can now be kept safe with the help of Touch ID. Passcode protection is also available.  There are now options to sort Notes too.


2016-03-21 22-12-144It’s simpler than ever to find third-party apps to track your health and wellness. Categories such as Weight, Workouts and Sleep have a new slider menu that reveals great apps you can easily add to your Health dashboard.


2016-03-21 22-10-193CarPlay adds more features to Maps like "Nearby". This lets you find petrol, parking, restaurants, coffee and more with a tap. Handpicked music available with Apple's "New and For You."