Cloudflare is 6 years old.

cloudflareCloudFlare is now 6 years old. If you own a website and don’t know what CloudFlare is then you need to keep reading. Perhaps your website admin has forgotten to enable this wonderful service.  Basically, it’s a network of computers which enable the following features:

Performance increase.

Due to your site being hosted on multiple servers throughout the world, this means your visitors will normally get a speed advantage. Their content delivery network (CDN) caches your static files so that they can be reached faster. CloudFlare auto-minimises files so that they can be read faster. This brings one other advantage. Google likes zippy websites, so this can also affect your SEO too.


The CloudFlare firewall is a network based security platform. Information on threats are shared throughout the network and then filtered out before reaching your site. When they stop one threat, the same threat is blocked across their network of 4 million websites. It can also protect you against DDOS (Distributed Denial of Service) attacks.


There are a number of technical advantages too. For instance, if you are moving your domain name to a new host, then a couple of changes to DNS will repoint your domain name within a couple of minutes. Normally this sort of change could take 48hours.

To conclude.

The reason I wrote this was to get you to ask yourself this question – “Am I using CloudFlare?” If your not, then I would ask you why ?

Many of the threats I see day to day come from specific countries… But what if I’m operating a UK website? Why do I need traffic from Ukraine or China? With some of the advanced features(not free), you can keep your website safer by blocking out entire countries! Remember you should always have a firewall installed on your WordPress website too. My personal preference is Wordfence.

Have a look at this CloudFlare demo and I’m sure you’ll be impressed.




  1. RyanK on 10th October 2016 at 11:16 pm

    Looks like you covered everything, but if anyone has any other questions I’m happy to help.

    Ryan (Cloudflare)

  2. Stuart McLean on 11th October 2016 at 12:19 am

    Thanks Ryan .. much appreciated!

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